Designer/Developer | UI/UX, Fullstack, React, React Native, JavaScript, HTML, CSS



Hello! I’m Steven Olmos, a seasoned UI/UX Designer with over a decade of experience blending design proficiency, technical acumen, and strategic vision.

I excel in crafting intuitive web interfaces and providing seamless user experiences, supported by a rich background in website design and management across various sectors. My strategic involvement extends beyond digital environments to encompass impactful marketing campaigns, where I leverage deep insights into user behavior to enhance engagement and conversions broadly.

Over the years, my role has expanded to a vital intersection of design, technology, and business strategy. I have led process optimizations, developed comprehensive SOPs, and fostered close collaborations with diverse stakeholders to align business objectives with user needs effectively.

As a committed lifelong learner, I continuously update my skill set; recently, I have been exploring Flutter and delving into AI and SEO to stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. My goal is to keep refining my expertise in UI/UX while also embracing leadership opportunities that come my way.

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