Learn By Doing

Learn By Doing

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This project is still in progress. I’m excited to see the final results.

Since as long as I can remember, my parents have had trouble figuring out how to use smart devices like iPhones, Smart TVs or any type of digital interface.

I assumed they’d figure it out like I have but they just aren’t familiar with these types of devices. They are older, grew up in Mexico during a different time.

This app should be easy to use, and have resources showing (in a simple form) how to use popular devices such as a iPhone, Smart TVs or user interfaces like Roku, Facebook, Netflix... etc. They can come in a How-To Guide and Instructional video. If possible use some type of interaction to demo simple clicks like opening a menu, adding a photo to a text message, or downloading an app.

I had a quick interview with my Mom and asked her these questions regarding her iPhone:

  1. What are some troubles you have when using your phone?
  2. What do you wish you knew how to do?

These were some actions and responses I got:

  • She uses a PIN to unlock her phone (Touch ID would be more convenient)
  • She has trouble using the keyboard
  • Learn how to send a text message
  • Trouble scrolling as if she’s scared to touch to hard or she touches to hard
  • Learn how to email
  • Learn how to get directions
  • Learn how/where to read news
  • How to watch cooking videos
  • how to download an app
  • How to Google

My mom had a huge smile after being able to find a recipe on the Tasty App! I think there’s an audience for this.


Version 1.0


Version 2.0